Las Vegas Limo Diaries is a compilation of articles and information stories about Vegas limos deriving from a neo-cosmopolitan society whose primary purpose is to transcend from a “Normal“ being into a demonic, egocentrically driven party animal seen from a Las Vegas limo point of view.

This isn't just another vacation This is Las Vegas!

There is a very famous phrase that is synonymous with Las Vegas “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas“ To every Las Vegas limo driver that greets the multitude of VIP’s it plays to the tune of “what happens in Vegas, starts in my limo“

Any Vegas limo driver who is an excellent Vegas concierge on wheels will have an array of artillery that will bring the word FAVOR into “Party Favors” In the Sin City it is quite normal and many times even expected to provide the entertainment right from the get-go!

The sight and sounds of a super stretched limo ascending onto the scene instantly places Joe from Chicago into an abyss of euphoric pleasures. Welcome to Vegas baby, anything you need and I do stress the word ANYTHING… nightclub dancers, strip club strippers, VIP hostesses, VIP party packages, don’t be shy and call Vegas VIP concierge 24/7.

The warm embrace of a smile usually confirms that acknowledgement of such has been confirmed... and the Vegas Private Sins go on... usually a daily record of events or business; a private journal is usually referred to as a diary, this is such diary - Las Vegas Limo Diaries!


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