Las Vegas After-Hours

Las Vegas After-Hours entertainment provides the wildest stories on Las Vegas Limo Diaries.  When the nightclubs and lounges are winding down, the after-hours venues are just getting started.  The party never ends in Las Vegas, and after-hours clubs fill in the gap between Nightclub hopping and Dayclub lounging.

Las Vegas After hours

Las Vegas After-hours keeps the party going with plenty of great options.  Last call doesn’t exist in this city, so when you are on vacation eliminate the excuses and get ready to pull an all nighter.  The infamous Drai’s Afterhours is where you can party like a rock star.  It’s the best after hours party environment; part rave and part dance club with the proper ambiance for late night parties. Located underground downstairs in Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Casino, this late-night party den has outlasted most of the competition with little advertising and no special promotions.

Las Vegas After hoursStrictly after hours club, Drai’s is one of the best places to spend your early morning hours in Las Vegas. With original artwork, palm trees, oversized couches, and generous drinks, Drai’s is different than any other Las Vegas after-hours club.  The DJ’s spin a blend of progressive house, trance, and techno and keep the party jumping into the wee hours.  And remember to bring your sunglasses, because you likely won’t be leaving until noon.

Dancing feet a little sore?  Las Vegas Strip Clubs are a great place to relax in the company of partially-clothed beauties.  For a seductive, intoxicating, and exhilarating Vegas late night, or a warm, friendly, and inviting one, you’ll find just the right place with the wide variety of Strip Clubs.

Another late night option is the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill.  This Las Vegas landmark has left an impression on millions of visitors over the years.  If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit.  Not only will you find plush couches around the central fireplace, but the cocktail waitresses wear full-length evening gowns and serve a variety of tropical delights including Mai Tai’s and Scorpions.  Grab a seat by the fire and get cozy, or snuggle up in one of the booths.  The Peppermill offers a uniquely Vegas experience with just enough of that old-Vegas kitsch.  Plus, it is rated one of the “Top 10 best make out bars,” which will be obvious as soon as you walk in.Las Vegas After hours bottle service

So if partying well past dawn is your thing, and it’s after 4 a.m. and you feel like you’re under attack by the strobes and flashing lights, clusters of people jumping like fleas trapped in a Petri dish, and music banging against your eardrums, then welcome to the Las Vegas after-hours club scene where the parties don’t start until dawn is breaking and they don’t end until the sun is warming the Vegas valley.  The temporal and sensory disorientation isn’t a maddening affliction but a pleasurable Vegas experience arranged by Las Vegas Limo Diaries.

Las Vegas After-hours partiers go hard.  After all, you’ll sleep when you’re dead.