Las Vegas Bachelor

Las Vegas Limo Diaries has a rule you Mr. Las Vegas Bachelor; “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!”  You came to Las Vegas with a select group of friends to experience the last moments of bachelorhood.  You and your friends need to know that everyone must abide by the Vegas code.  Loose lips sink ships, boys. All other monkeys get out this page now and let the nonstop last-day-single bachelor stag party action starts right here on Las Vegas Limo Diaries’ Bachelor Party Guide for you!

Las Vegas Bachelor

WARNING: What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas! Anyone going against this rule will NOT be allowed back to another party and will be in violation of the code! Customize your Vegas VIP party for your boy!

Experience all that Las Vegas has to offer the VIP bachelor.  Perhaps you desire the ‘Playmate of the Month’ as your private dancer, or some indoor skydiving.  Do you want to drive an exotic Ferrari on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway?  Of course you can do all of that and more.  Don’t let Hollywood deceive you, The Hangover was just a movie.  The reality of a Vegas VIP Bachelor party is much crazier.

Las Vegas Limo Diaries Bachelor Party Guide will show you the reasons why bachelor parties from the entire country and around the world are dying to come to Las Vegas!

The hottest babes in the world – Las Vegas strippers – are ready for you. There is no other place you can enjoy the luxurious and exciting clubs for gentlemen who want to enjoy the ultimate sexy and relaxed atmosphere.  Gorgeous girls are all around with some using the ubiquitous stripper poles or grinding on the laps of the lucky clientele. Sound nasty? A little bit. As what is a Vegas bachelor party without a strip club or two, or three, or four? Check out Vegas Strip Clubs Guide and also Guide to Club Etiquette.

Trust Las Vegas Limo Diaries to be your guide in what you’re looking for to make your Vegas Bachelor party unforgettable. Check out customized Bachelor packages offered by the best VIP host providers in Las Vegas.

Party may not be just all gambling, clubs and hot ladies, strippers and stripper poles. Go wild in another way! Do some special activities Vegas can offer, like skydiving, dune buggy rentals, horseback riding or go-cart racing. What about driving a Lamborghini down the Las Vegas Boulevard with a blond escort? VIP style is how we do it.