Las Vegas Bodyguards

In Las Vegas, bodyguards are part of the city’s fabric. Las Vegas Limo Diaries knows who to call when security needs exceed that of tinted windows and locked doors.  As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas draws the high-rollers, celebrities, professional athletes, executives, and reclusive VIP’s to enjoy the diverse and unique experience that only Las Vegas can provide.

Based on your specific needs, Las Vegas Limo Diaries will connect you to the premier protection services available in this city.  Whether armed or unarmed, visible or discreet, these licensed and bonded services provide the utmost in security and protection.

Las Vegas bodyguards will escort you around the city and to the restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, or any venue of your choice; all the while staying alert and vigilant. Las Vegas Bodyguards

Your protection can be enhanced with a range of transportation options including bulletproof luxury cars and tank-like group vehicles.  In Las Vegas, any VIP can receive the same level of protection that heads of state and celebrities have.

Las Vegas Bodyguards are trained and skilled to provide Public Threat assessment; surveillance and counter surveillance; protection from assassination; mob protection and bulletproof vests and vehicles.

Las Vegas Limo Diaries respects client confidentiality and will not disclose or compromise the privacy of clientele, be they movie stars, athletes or executives, or anyone requiring discreet protection.

Las Vegas Bodyguards with a womanLas Vegas Security Protection Services