Las Vegas Bottle Service

Las Vegas Bottle Service is all the rage at the Las Vegas club scene. You may be wondering what Las Vegas bottle service is, and the answer is pretty simple.  Bottle service gives people VIP access to clubs, which is a significant plus because some of the bigger, more popular clubs set aside substantial portions for VIPs.

In addition to allowing you full access to Vegas nightclubs, your table will be stocked with “bottles” of alcohol and mixers so that you don’t have to fight crowds at the bar (and can make the drinks just as weak or strong as you like).  You’ll also have your own waitress and some security.

Sometimes the cover charge is even waived if you buy a bottle service in Las Vegas.Las Vegas Bottle Service

There is a catch, though.  Las Vegas bottle service usually comes with an intense price tag.  The cost of a bottle is volatile, and always marked up.  The price you pay will vary depending on the club, the season, and even the day of the week.

In the hippest clubs a bottle can be over $300 plus tax and gratuity, and many clubs require a two-bottle minimum. It is for good reason that bottle service has always been considered a luxury service in Las Vegas, even among the elite.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas bottle service is more and more in demand, especially for special events like birthday parties and bachelor bachelorette parties.  If you go in a group, the price often breaks out to be a more manageable amount, but it will still be pricey.  It’s best to research, weigh the pros and cons and then make your choice.

You just pay for the bottles and formula is simple:

Bottle Service = Free VIP table + Free unlimited mixers, ice + Free Cocktail server to your table + Free Hosted VIP entry to the club + Free Chicks magnet!

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