Las Vegas Brothels

For the man who wants it all in Las Vegas, brothels are nearby to cater to you.  A common mistake is to assume that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas.  It is definitely NOT legal.  The local police routinely perform sting operations and arrests are frequent.  However, legal brothels are located near Las Vegas in neighboring counties.  Your VIP host or limo driver has the details.

To be precise, these should really be considered Pahrump brothels.  Pahrump is the closest city to Las Vegas with legal prostitution.  Jump in your Vegas VIP limo for the quick one-hour ride to our client’s favorite brothel, Sheri’s Ranch.  Some clients prefer the Chicken Ranch and based on what they tell us on the ride back to Las Vegas, both of the ranches are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and smiling.

Brothels, call girls, hookers, escort services offering sex and street prostitutes are not legal anywhere in the City of Las Vegas and Clark County.

Licensed prostitution brothels (whorehouse and cathouse) are only legal in certain counties in the state of Nevada. What makes prostitutes and brothels legal in Nevada? Legal prostitution in Nevada is decided primarily by the individual county population size.

Sheris Ranch Brothel – Legal Nevada Prostitution

The Resort and Spa at Sheri’s Ranch is a Legal Nevada Brothel. Sheri’s Ranch Brothel is Licensed and offers Legal Prostitution.

The nearest licensed legal brothels from Las Vegas Nevada is in Pahrump about 60 miles away, which is in Nye County. Sheri’s Ranch is the best brothel in Pahrump Nevada and one of the closest legal brothels from the Las Vegas Strip area. Single men, couples and ladies are always welcome at Sheri’s!

Las Vegas Brothels - Sheri's Ranch whorehouse

Fulfill your sex fantasies! Find all the hottest Nevada ladies near the Las Vegas area at Sheri’s Ranch. The attractive sexy ladies are at the brothel to accommodate your sexual desires and pleasure.  Unlike many other brothels in the state of Nevada, Sheri’s styles itself as a “Resort” sitting on 20 acres of land. With upscale suites and furnishings, Sheri’s caters to both singles and couples. The Hotel and Spa amenities include 8 standard rooms and 3 themed deluxe suites. Located on the east side of the brothel property is the uniquely themed VIP Bungalows. Each room is specific to the theme with various props and artwork.

The easiest way to find and choose your personal favorite lady is to browse thru the Weekly Lineup.

Nevada Brothel Ladies Reviews – Adult Sex Personals
The ultimate Nevada Legal Prostitution adult sex personals review guide! Read customer personal reviews of the Sheri’s Ranch legal Nevada prostitution ladies. Also, write a review to share about your own personal sexual encounter with the Sheri’s Ranch brothel ladies.

Other brothels near Las Vegas are; Angel’s Ladies, Cherry Patch Ranch Cottontail Ranch and Shady Lady Ranch.