Las Vegas Lawyers

Las Vegas Lawyers

Las Vegas Limo Diaries count many Las Vegas Lawyers as friends.  Legal matters require professionals.  Trying to have a VIP experience without a VIP host leads to delays and frustration, but trying to solve legal problems without an attorney could lead to fines and imprisonment.

In a city where wild and crazy is the norm, trouble is never far.  Las Vegas Lawyers are ready to help with any problem that arises, and many offer free consultations.  Regardless of the problem, there’s an attorney in Las Vegas that specializes in that legal area.

Sometimes, when bad decisions are made, good people can end up in bad situations.  Don’t gamble with your freedom or your future. Litigation is serious business, and in a constantly evolving city like Las Vegas, Caruso Law Offices is uniquely positioned to provide injured people with hard hitting legal representation.

Las Vegas Attorney Stephen M. Caruso

Las Vegas Lawyer Stephen M. Caruso is here to help with any legal matters. Talented trial attorneys handle personal injury cases, family law, and non capital criminal matters.

Every individual, partnership, firm or corporation that is located in the Las Vegas city limits and companies that engage in business in the Las Vegas City limits, are required to have a city of Las Vegas Business License. The same apply to companies that want to offer limo transportation for hire in Las Vegas, Clark County and surrounding areas.

Las Vegas Privilege licenses are required for those businesses that are determined by the City Council to potentially affect the economic, social and moral well-being of the city and its residents and therefore require a high degree of supervision.

These business licenses are granted only by special approval of the City Council. The Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA) administers and enforces state laws pertaining to  passenger  transportation (Limo and charter bus licenses). Obtaining a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN ) requires you to put together a complete and accurate application. We can help.

One of the most common complaints lodged against Vegas attorneys is that they do not return phone calls – or even keep their clients updated on their cases. Litigation is serious business, and in a constantly evolving city like Las Vegas, Caruso Law Offices is uniquely positioned to provide business people with hard hitting legal representation.

At Caruso Law Offices, they realize that legal matters are confusing and often a scary thing – but They will be there for you: your call will be returned in a timely professional matter and can be reached 24 ours a day in emergencies. Working together with you they can obtain a business licence, maximize your recovery and see justice done.

We always recommend a Las Vegas Lawyer to be on your side for any legal matter to protect your rights, because we get in as much trouble as our guests.