Las Vegas Limo Blog


Las Vegas Airport limo is iced and ready for the party to arrive at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS). If you’ve ever had the experience of being a passenger on an inbound flight to Las Vegas, one can attest that with the announcements of the captain welcoming you to “Sin City, Lost Wages, Vegas baby, VEGAS!”

There is a certain joyful anxiety of an enigmatic thought that is impregnated into the subconscious of each and every passenger aboard. It’s a second wind where they can disrobe their innermost desires & lusts, thus shedding their puritan form and allowing their inner “monkey” demons to prevail into a rage most people would never admit to it!

Upon arrival every single soul on that aircraft is met with a tingle sparked from their central nervous system, overtaking any sense of control they may have left before their motor neurons become oblivious to reason. It’s time to Party!

Out they catapult from the aircraft and their first form of greeting is slot machines with false promises of fortune.   If you are strong willed enough to resist, then you will begin proceeding towards baggage claim.

In baggage claim your Vegas limo driver is eagerly awaiting your arrival, because he or she well knows that in their prospective client there is no “false” promise of revenues, one way or another they will make their money, it’s just a matter of how much and how easily those dollars will be attained.

Thousands of people dashing towards the escalator that leads them down into the arrival baggage claim area. Radiant smiles, beautiful people with anxious anonymity. Any Las Vegas limo driver can confirm this; as soon as they take that first step of the escalator on the Vegas ground there is a 400 pound gorilla jumping on their back, you can see it clear in their eyes as they change.  With a red toxic glimmer, their eyes are locked and greetings exchanged;

- “Welcome to Vegas, Boss

- “Where is the Party? Take me to the Party! I wanna… Party Hard! I’ve got just two days”

- “Well, step into the magic, I’ll get the door – as well as everything else” smiling

The proverbial “monkey on your back” is in full swing and suddenly they become over-powered by the 400 pound gorilla that’s got his beastly grasp around their neck and will gradually release it once the Vegas limo driver says;

- “No worries I’ll take care of everything tonight”

Inside the cool Las Vegas limo, the smooth ride and the chilled glass of champagne encourage them to relinquish their sense of resistance and allow themselves to flow with the energies and temptations that constitute the realms of Las Vegas.   The limo, like a black horse taking them into the night, is their private transportation.  You’re VIP tonight – Anything and Everything you want – because in Vegas you can have whatever you like! Just one phone call, that’s all, one stop shop, Las Vegas Airport limo.