Las Vegas Limo Etiquette

Las Vegas Limo etiquette explained that riding in a limo is a perk usually reserved for the rich and famous, or the incredibly lucky.  Some people may never have an opportunity to experience the VIP treatment in such a vehicle.  Whether you are a first-time passenger or a frequent guest, there are some good rules to follow.  Most importantly, being mature and professional only helps to make a better Vegas Limo experience.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind while riding in Vegas Limousines;

  1. Stay in your plush comfortable seat!  Getting you to your destination safely is paramount, and when you’re seated you can enjoy the amazing views that Las Vegas offers.
  2. Let the limo driver open and close the doors. You are there to be pampered and transported in safe reliable comfort.  Don’t rush to open the door on your own, and never climb out of the limo sunroof or windows.
  3. A little respect goes a long way.  Try to leave the limousine in the condition you found it.  Spilling drinks, leaving rubbish, and damaging the limos is not a very nice thing to do.

Tipping:  After arriving at your destination safely and comfortably, it’s customary to reward your professional limo driver with a gratuity.  We recommend 20% tip.

Drinking:  Adults aged 21 and over are welcome to enjoy the alcoholic beverages provided in the limousine.  Underage limo passengers are not allowed to drink, or be under the influence of alcohol while in the limo.

Drugs:  Illicit drugs are illegal and not allowed in the Limousines and Party Buses.   If the driver feels that the passenger has created an unsafe situation by using or being under the influence of drugs, the vehicle will stop and the passenger(s) will need to find alternative limo transportation.

As with most things in life, good attitudes create good experiences.  Have fun!