Vegas Limo Driver Etiquette

At Las Vegas Limo Diaries, the subject of limo driver etiquette is a common topic.  Limo drivers are often asked to be much more than just a chauffeur.  Limo drivers frequently act as conciergetour guide, VIP Host, and local fixer.  In Las Vegas, the driver is one of the first persons you meet upon arrival, and the one who sees you off when you leave.

Vegas Limo Driver etiquette can make the difference between an average holiday and a stellar Vegas vacation.  The driver is a professional, and should act as such.  Here are a few things you can expect from your Vegas limo driver:

Professional appearance:  Limo driver should be dressed appropriately, usually in a black suit and black tie.

Punctual:  Limo driver should be on-time or early for your pick-up.  A professional driver will know about delays and impediments and plan accordingly.

Honest:  More often than not, limousines are carrying very important people and their belongings.  The driver is entrusted with this responsibility, so an honest driver will help to maintain that trust.

Safe:  The driver’s primary goal is to get to your destination safely and comfortably.  The driver should never take chances with passengers in the car, and a good limo driver will abide by this rule.

Discreet:  Many things happen in the back of Las Vegas Limos, from business dealings, meetings, and the occasional romantic interlude.  Sometimes the driver will have knowledge of these things and it is important that privacy be respected.

Las Vegas Limo Diaries may tell the stories of what happens in the back of Vegas limos, but never reveals the parties involved.