Las Vegas Massage Parlors

Las Vegas Limo Diaries brings the inside scoop about Las Vegas massage parlors.  Many stereotypes have emerged over the years about Las Vegas massage parlors and what a massage in Vegas is like.  The truth is that Vegas isn’t much different than any other big city.  Ease your aches and pains by choosing a nice massage or spa treatment from the wide range of choices offered in Las Vegas.

A massage can be had in every resort hotel, but that is usually from the masseuses who work for the hotel or the hotel spa.  These services are generally more expensive than what you can find at an independent massage parlor.   If you want a nice massage in the comfort of your hotel room, this might be the right choice.

However, if you want more variety, there are massage parlors located close by.  These independent businesses offer services not usually available in the resort hotels.   Oriental and European style massage services are available with an assortment of aesthetic and beauty-related services (like waxing and nail care).