Las Vegas Sedan Rates

Executive Sedan limo and Car service

Seats: 3+ Price Range: from $15 per person per hour

Las Vegas limo diaries explain a Sedan Limousine is the classic choice if you need to arrange transportation to and from a destination (such as the airport). In cases when the destination is far, booking a car service can be even cheaper than simply catching a cab, and much more comfortable.

Great choice for a night out, weekend getaway, or Las Vegas strip sightseeing tour. Usually only two or three people can fit in a sedan, so if you have a larger party it might be worth it to consider a van or an SUV limo.

Luxury Sedan limo and Premium Car Service

Seats: 3+ Price Range: from $25 per person per hour, check special price

Go in style Las Vegas limo diaries recommends vehicles type as a statement of luxury and convenience, the premium sedans services:

The King of all Sedans – The legendary Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan limo is the embodiment of luxury and automobile performance, combining unparalleled class with cutting-edge design.

The Mercedes Maybach 62 S represents an entirely new dimension in luxury and comfort in the chauffeur-driven class, the S-class Mercedes-Benz flagship sedan and VIP exclusivity that is reflected in every detail…. standing out from the crowd has never been easier. Check the BMW 7 series luxury sedan or the alternative fuel Lexus LS 600 L hybrid.