Las Vegas VIP Entertainment Guide

Las Vegas VIP Entertainment Guide helps find things to do in Vegas by offering a City Tour and Travel Guide of information for hotels, shows, tickets, golf courses, tours, limos, rates, weddings, bachelor party, nightlife, nightclubs, daylife poolside, pool clubs, car rentals, private jets, conventions centers, Sin City escorts, strip clubs or gentlemen’s clubs, casino resorts, boutique hotels, shopping and real estate guide to exotic Las Vegas mansion parties. Look in…

The ultimate VIP entertainment experience with news and the local weather, restaurant dining and more than perfect guide for your pleasure to plan and play, maps and the latest in top ten lists, free coupons, special deals and discounts; many more updates on all the VIP services.

We’ll offer you a world of captivating experiences that continually inspire and amaze. What happens in Vegas… Imagine you’re rich, trade value for money, right now you want all the splendor Vegas has to offer… set it off, taste the Vegas VIP Experience.

Discover the Top 10 best of everything to do, see, buy, taste AND avoid in Vegas. Plus easily make your way through the city with the included maps, most astonishing Sin City theme boutique hotels and Vegas Daylife poolside at your most decadent lavish pool parties or Nightlife at your favorite extravagant NightClubs, intriguing party venues, gamble in the best casino resorts, go to the greatest Vegas shows in town, enjoy the most thrilling limo rides and adventures, find the most fun places to party.

Informative and reliable, whatever you plan to do – whether you are traveling first class or on a limited budget – make sure you experience the best Las Vegas has to offer in this complete Vegas tour and travel guide!

This Las Vegas VIP Entertainment reference Augmented Reality Guide, new technology that adds a layer of useful information to the “reality” we see on screens of mobile phones and computers, turns your mobile phone into your Vegas travel companion and source of guidance information.

The insider knowledge of Vegas that every visitor needs, highly readable and incredibly detailed information on places of interest, informative boxes included excellent in text listing travel tips with opening hours of operation, web sites and telephone numbers so you can save and link to web pages of interest or place a call.

Images included in articles to help you recognize sights or get an idea how they look. Sights are linked to Vegas maps so while you read you have the ability to add articles to your favorites list so you quickly get back to them later and to save time and money, there are even tips on avoiding the crowd in long lines at clubs or seeing the city on a budget.

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Dozens of Top 10 lists – from the top 10 casinos and hotel resorts on the Strip to the Top 10 wedding chapels, gambling tips, restaurants, nightclubs, stripclubs, pool parties, gentleman’s clubs, beach clubs and best places to stay and play.

Remember, price should not be the only factor in your search. Much like booking a hotel, different price often mean different service levels. It’s good to have a budget determined ahead of time, but also know what type of Vegas VIP experience you want.

There are many factors to consider when booking a Las Vegas VIP Service package. Find and plan your way effortlessly using the incredibly detailed maps and information for those of you dreaming of the high roller’s life, let us help you embellish those dreams a bit. We have put together our choices of the very best of Vegas.

The world-class famous celebration, loud fireworks display, Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Party is something that everyone should check out at least once in their life and for one night you are in the world’s biggest nightclub with millions of dollars worth of fireworks going off over your head.

This is a wonderful Las Vegas VIP entertainment guide in detail witch enables you to plan and explore any part of the amazing Sin City that never sleeps… Party 24/7.