Las Vegas Limo Driver Reviews

Las Vegas Limo Driver Reviews are collected and compiled by Las Vegas Limo Diaries to help you understand the way a limo driver should behave and the proper way to handle a bad experience.   Like everything else, there are rules of etiquette the driver should follow (and passengers too, within reason).

Every once in a while, things go awry and a bad experience can be the result.  At Las Vegas Limo Diaries, we take the good and the bad and share it with you so that you can make the most informed decision.

That said; it can be fun to read about some of the less fortunate among us who have had bad experiences.  In Las Vegas, people come to escape reality and live out their fantasies.  Occasionally, those fantasies get out of hand and lead to some wild stories.  Try not to laugh too hard at the misfortune of others (but we did, so enjoy).

Driver stories …


“When you come to Las Vegas it’s all about where you stay and where you party. These girls are amazing and gets you to the front of the line at the best clubs on the Strip. Step into the VIP life with bottle service and VIP hosted entry.”

Tim Barkley


Thanks again for all you’ve done in handling things each year I’ve come to Vegas. I especially thank you for this year being that this is the biggest trip to Vegas with me getting married.

You’re beautiful.

Lisa Whistler

Hi Sean,

It’s Leon….we’re now safe & sound back in the UK now….just!!
Can I just pass on from myself and the guys on a amazing weekend in Vegas…. In particular the Nightclubs and Strip Clubs… you guys rock!

We needed this. This was exactly how you said it would be and I and Guys thoroughly enjoyed ourselves……A Massive Thank You Jenifer to You and Your Staff

Mr. John Anderson