Las Vegas Limo Sex Tours

Las Vegas limo Sex Tours

Las Vegas Limo Sex Tours are as exciting as the name implies.  Las Vegas Limo Diaries brings you the type of entertainment that Sin City is known for.  Why waste time and money getting teased when you can get the full package?

Vegas Limo Sex Tours will leave you with memories and a story to tell.  There is no legal risk, as we have created a tour that provides you with live entertainment and an eXperience of a lifetime.   Relax and let your fantasies run wild with the knowledge that she will do everything you want your dreamgirl to do.

Live it Up! Enjoy and Experience everything Vegas have to offer, like the Playmate of the Month as your private dancer.

Vegas Strip clubs, Vegas Escorts, Swingers Clubs, Nevada brothels and Sex Shops give you plenty to look at, but sometimes you just want to make that physical connection.  A Las Vegas Limo Sex Tour gives you all of that, and more!  With our packages, you will see beautiful women, touch them, and have sex with them at Sheri’s Ranch Resort & Spa.   And when you’re finished, we’ll even give you a ride home.   It is truly an incomparable experience.

eXperience our X Rated Vegas Limo Rides