Vegas Armored Limousines

Have you ever heard about bullet Proof Limos? Las Vegas Limos is proud to provide armored limousines for VIPs, politicians, celebrities, heads of state and others, which are different, stylish and bring sense of military security, exclusivity and luxury for those who need it.

If you enjoy being DIFFERENT & STYLISH with a sense of SECURITY, that’s exactly what The Vegas Armored Limousine Service has to offer. Las Vegas limo fleet vehicles consist of many different EXQUISITE & LUXURIOUS amenities.

Las Vegas guests’ information is strictly confidential. We are discreet, reliable and highly professional. Las Vegas bodyguard services are customized around the VIP client specific needs.  Among the options, there is armored limousine sedan, armored stretched limousine, armored party bus and more.

Las Vegas VIP Services has a lifetime of VIP client relations and personalized attention you so richly deserve while retaining discretion, promoting exclusivity and ensuring complete lifestyle management. Close protection officers also excel how to escort a client in potentially threatening situations and their goal is to avoid confrontation and dangerous situations or not to cause them.

 Vegas Armored limos

Vegas Armored limousines vehicles offer luxury and numerous amenities, like leather seats, bars, sound and video entertainment systems, to mention the few. And, of course, all will to protect its passengers from small arms and high powered rifle fire.

Vegas Armored Limos Vegas Armored Limos interior

Vegas Armored Limo