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Las Vegas limo companies GOING GREEN

Las Vegas Limo Diaries along with Vegas Private Sins is an environmentally responsible Destination Management Company, Vegas VIP Hosting, limousine and party bus service and employs green transportation companies for Las Vegas and neighboring areas. Regardless of the type of vehicle you are seeing, our experienced staff and professional drivers will get you to your destination safely and in style, and with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Vegas Limo Diaries believes that businesses should respect the environment.  Vegas Transportation companies use large amounts of fuel to power these luxurious machines, and this is the area where we can make the most impact.  Biofuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol are carbon neutral, derived from biological sources such as plants and algae, and are renewable.

Use of these petroleum alternatives fuels reduces dependence on foreign oil, creates less pollution, and dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Keeping Vegas fleet green is one thing, but we also need to keep the vehicles clean and luxurious.  In the past, cleaning supplies contained many harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds.  Today, we use every natural product we can find to replace petroleum distillates and harmful dry cleaning chemicals.

Waste reduction and recycling contribute to our green program, as well as smarter purchasing decisions.  Whenever possible, the snacks and beverages provided to our clientele are sourced from local providers leading to lower transportation costs and contribution to the local economy.

We abide by the belief that our company can provide the highest level of service to our clientele without sacrificing the health of our environment.  By making our green campaign an integral part of our business, we hope to inspire other transportation companies to do the same.  When booking with Las Vegas Limo Diaries, you can indulge yourself in an F-650 Mega-Limo, and do it with a clear conscience.Las Vegas Limo Diaries - Vegas Green Company

Las Vegas limo transportation companies GOING GREEN

Making an effort to go green is not just the responsible choice, but it also makes good business sense.  Some of the ways Las Vegas Limo Diaries has made improvements to our business operations are listed below:


All of Las Vegas vehicles that require diesel fuel now use biodiesel and biodiesel blends.  This renewable fuel choice results in lowers carbon emissions and is also non-toxic.  To learn more about it, visit


Attempting to go paperless for most office documents is a practice that can work well for some processes. Invoicing, data logs, office communication, and interoffice communication is all done electronically. This not only saves on paper and waste, but also helps to eliminate errors and reduce the amount of labor required for some repetitive tasks.


Las Vegas is relatively easy to navigate.  That said, not everyone knows the shortest and most efficient routes.  To minimize unnecessary driving and fuel consumption, our vehicles contain GPS navigation and our dispatchers monitor traffic conditions to ensure you reach your destination as smoothly as possible.


The purchase of plastic office/household moving crates for use on moves instead of all corrugated boxes can be an environmentally friendly supplement to your typical corrugated box stock.


Materials used in the course of our business always arrive with packaging.  Often times, we can repurpose those boxes and containers for other uses.  When no use can be found, papers and plastics are recycled accordingly.


All of our employees participate in our “Focus Green” program and make suggestions for how the company can make improvements to our green program.  The program encourages employees to participate in the ‘greening’ of our company and the best suggestions are implemented.

There are many ways to save energy; and saving energy is saving money.   At Las Vegas Limo Diaries we apply many energy-saving practices to our business.  Some of those methods can be applied to your business too.

Saving energy saves money, too.  Think sustainable instead of consumable.

Set the thermostats to higher temps in summer and lower in winter.  A little change in temperature can lead to big changes in energy costs.

Lighting consumes a great deal of energy, and changing from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent lights (CFL), and light-emitting diodes (LED) are less expensive to operate and last much longer than traditional light bulbs.

Many appliances and electrical devices continue to use power even when not in use.   Some power distribution devices are microprocessor controlled to monitor usage and can cut the power to those power-wasting devices.   Does your office printer need to be powered on when the office is empty?  Small changes add up to big energy savings.

Cleaning supplies are something we all use in our homes and businesses, but most people don’t think about the impact these chemicals have on the environment.  Take the opportunity to use low-cost, non-toxic cleaning supplies you can make yourself.   Common items like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and water can be combined to make cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly and best of all – cheap!

Saving water is also very important to our company.  In Las Vegas, water is a precious commodity.  Our office utilizes faucets and showers that reduce the flow of water help to save this necessary resource.

There are a myriad of ways to save water.  Try to wash clothes in cold water where possible.  Total energy consumed during washing can be reduced by more than 80% when using cold water.

Use a clothesline to dry clothes.  Let the warm dry air of the desert do the hard work!  Take shorter showers.  Put aerators on the faucets.  Cover your swimming pool to reduce evaporation.  In your yard or garden, try to use plants that are native to the desert.

Saving water saves money, too.  Managing waste is a very important part of going green.

Don’t throw anything out until you’ve checked to see if it can be recycled.  Most plastics, paper, cardboard, and metal items can all be recycled.  Electronic items, such as batteries, cell phones and old computers, contain toxic materials (and some valuable materials like gold) and need to be recycled properly.

At Las Vegas Limo Diaries we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.  We hope that our efforts inspire others to do the same.



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