Las Vegas Party Bus limos

Las Vegas Party Bus limos are the only way to travel with a large group.  Read Las Vegas Limo Diaries if you want to know what happens in these rolling nightclubs.   The Vegas party bus is the right choice for a bachelor party, bachelorette party, reunion, corporate event, or for shuttling guests from the hotel to the convention center.

Las Vegas Party BusThe first time you step onto a Vegas party bus limo, prepare to be dazzled.  From the outside, you only see the polished paint and blacked-out windows.  But once you step inside, you are surrounded by plush leather seats, mesmerizing lighting, and a sound system that will rattle your rib cage, your personal Nightclub on wheels.

An average party bus can carry 20 to 30 passengers and larger models can carry up to 50 people.   VIP travel doesn’t get much better than this. Compare Vegas Party Bus Rates.

No bachelor party would be complete without a stripper or two.  In a Vegas Party Bus, a stripper pole is there to enjoy.  When you’ve got a party bus with 20 of your buddies, a couple of strippers dancing for you, and a rocking sound and light show, who needs the nightclub?

Las Vegas Party Bus interior